◀◁ ◣◥ Oh.Yeah.I.Love.You.Baby. ▲▽ ◈ △▼ Marisa Olson ◤◢ ▷▶

To me, Oh, Yeah, I, Love, You, and Baby are the greatest hits of lyrics in pop music. I wanted to make songs that consisted solely of those words, which is what you hear here. Of course, they are set to the tune of songs that exemplify Oh-Ness, and Yeah-ness...

Here are lists of the original samples: Oh.Yeah.I.Love.You.Baby.

Please feel free to download these zip files of the original samples and make your own remixes! If you do so, email me at mo(at)marisaolson(dot)com; I'd love to hear it!



I really have to thank Daniel Iglesia for making this project happen, on a technical level. We never figured out exactly what his title should be, but we settled on calling him the "DJ Jazzy Jeff to my Fresh Prince." (I tried to promote him to Dr. Dre, but he wouldn't hear it!)

Also, Free103Point9 played a big role by offering me a Wave Farm residency and later inviting me to their Radio Retreat, where I wrapped-up the creative decision-making and started getting valuable feedback. Thanks, guys!

Thanks, also, to: John Michael Boling, Michael Bell-Smith, Rick Silva, Douglas Repetto, Cory Arcangel, Fred Benenson, Tianna Kennedy, Nick Hallett, MTAA, Oliver Laric, Tom Moody, Thomas Galloway, Jason Hunter, and Rory Solomon.

A note on copyright. These tiny samples came from my personal music collection. I don't own the copyrights to them and can't confer any rights to anyone else (otherwise I'd make Creative Commons licenses for them). I'll retain the rights to these arrangements, but I really see the whole thing as starting and staying in the public domain.